Sept 1, 2018

We’ve landed! We just arrived at Texas A&M University where we’re setting up and welcoming our first PhD student, Hannah Justen!

2018-09-17 17.27.07.jpg

July 22, 2014

Media Release for paper published in Ecology Letters using light-level geolocators to track hybrid Swainson's thrushes on migration. Featured on several media outlets including CBC Radio, BYU Radio, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, and Tech Times.

Sept 25, 2012

Media release for paper published in Proceedings B using light-level geolocators to characterize a migratory divide between Swainson's thrushes. Featured on several media outlets including Daily Planet, CBC Radio Kelowna, CBC Radio Daybreak South, Maclean’s, Science Daily and the Huffington Post.