graduate students

Kira delmore

Kira is the PI in the lab. She obtained her BSCH, MA and PhD at universities in Canada (Queen’s University, Universities of Calgary and British Columbia) before spending 3 years as a Postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in northern Germany. Her research is motivated by understanding where diversity originated in the natural world and how it is maintained. She is inspired by the varied ways in which hybrid zones can be used to understand this topic.


Phone: 979-845-6587


Wesley Brashear

Wesley earned his BS and MS from Angelo State University and completed his PhD in Genetics at Texas A&M University. He is interested in the process of speciation and the maintenance of species boundaries in the face of hybridization and gene flow. His research focuses on genomic interactions within hybrids and seeks to understand which regions of the genome contribute to reproductive isolation.


Abigail Kimmitt

Abby earned her BS from the University of Mary Washington and her PhD in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior from Indiana University. Her PhD research focused on behavioral and physiological mechanisms of divergence between populations that differ in migratory behavior. She is currently interested in divergence in migratory gene expression across a hybrid zone in order to further investigate how animal migration promotes speciation. Visit her website:


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Hannah justen

Hannah started her PhD in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program at Texas A&M in the Fall of 2018 after finishing her Masters at Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel in Germany. Hannah brings a tremendous amount of field experience to the lab along with knowledge of how variation at CLOCK, a key component of the circadian clock, correlates with migratory variation in songbirds.


evelien De greef

Evelien started her MSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba (UM) in Fall 2018. She obtained her BSc at the University of California, Davis, then worked as the program coordinator for the Putah Creek Nestbox Highway for two and a half years studying cavity nesting songbirds. Her interest in avian migration has led her to investigate genetic influences on migration timing in Purple Martins for her Master's, co-supervised by Kevin Fraser from UM and Kira.


Shreaya Patel

Shreaya is a Biology major who joined the lab in 2019. She is working on a wet lab project to design species-specific loci and genotype individuals across a cline through and avian hybrid zone.


Morgan Parker

Morgan is a Micrbiology major who joined the lab in 2019. She is interested comparative genomics and the genetic basis of phenotypic variation.